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Is Makeup a Deception or Perception?

When a client calls upon me for a makeover I always ask the question "Glam or Natural"? On a few occasions the Newbies are unsure and leave it in my hands as the Artist. I tend to fall on the safe side of natural for those few because they may not feel comfortable with a dramatic transformation.

And then there are the Divas who know exactly what they want and go for the dramatic Beat Face transformation. It’s all in the preference of the client.

I recently posted a before and after picture of a Makeup Makeover of young lady I first meet last summer. And there was a comment eluding that makeup is a form of deception and the person looks nothing like what they really look like.

This is not the first time I have heard this comment before as an Artist but because I know her story a little more, the content is different for me.

Is makeup a Deception or Perception?

When I began working with the young lady she shared very little of her life story with me, but I could see the stressors of life on her face. This was my chance to help her feel what I perceived life could be for herself through the art of makeup, "Simple Beautiful". At the end of each session I loved the wow factor and her enthusiasm for the transformation. And each time she returned for a makeup session I could see the Beauty that was buried inside shine brighter.

Was it just the makeup? Probable not, but sometimes you have to cover up the scars to see who you really are.

Her story is "Life Tranzitions from Homeless to Homeownership" you can follow her journey on her Face Book page Life Tranzitions

There is no deception about it she a true beauty that is transforming inside out.

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