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Vanity Spring Cleaning

Hello Queens, we have sprung forward so now it’s time to start your spring cleaning; why not start with your vanity. Is your vanity a disaster area? Well let’s purge and organize. Did you know that makeup has expiration? Yes take a look on your bottle or package and you will find in small print a number and the letter M example 6M or 12M, which is the expiration and shelf-life of the makeup. This is equivalent to 6 month or 12 month shelf-life.

No one likes throwing away makeup so to get the most out of it rotate the use of different brands on your vanity, or donate to friends and family. Make sure you sanitize any makeup that you decide to pass along. A great way to purge your makeup is have a swap meet with other friends that have products that they are not using and willing to pass along. Never let good makeup go to waste Queens. And besides if you purge you can have a valid reason to buy more makeup LOL.

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